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The Tech Addicts Podcast

Nov 14, 2021

With Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon
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Chad Dixon on Trying to Copyright Meta

I remember the French Connection company trying to copyright their four letter logo so nobody else tried to do a similar one. The result, they won... FCUK Trade Mark - not invalid - Intellectual Property - UK

Ian Barton on StarLink

All now set up and rolling with the dish up high. Performing well. I get between 150-200 down and about 30 up. No outages to speak of. You have to pay Starlink £500 for the dish, cable, mini tripod stand for mounting it on the ground, 110ft of power-over-ethernet cable and a router. Includes shipping from the USA. You have to pay upfront and wait until Starlink has a slot in its queue. (This makes sure that the system isn't overloaded with more users than capacity and that Starlink is available in your location.)

The monthly fee is £80, but there is no data cap. The Starlink app scans your field of view and tells you where it's obstructed. You plug in one end of the ethernet cable to the dish and the other end into the dish.

It supplies power to the dish from the provided router. Then plug your network cable into the second port of the supplied router. You use the Starlink app on your phone to log on and enable the dish. Once it's set up you don't have to use the supplied router, you can plug the dish cable into your own router.

Jeremy Harpham on The Verge’s Holiday Season Gift Ideas

Tech suggestions for gifts this year. Judging by the items I already have (8bitdo controller, Z Zlip 3, and others) this is going to get expensive if I look at them all. What do you fancy?

Chad Dixon on Portable Radios

I used to be glued to my portable world radio in my teens too. Loved listening to various SW stations around the planet, mostly late at night in bed. I did also have a mini transistor unit but never listened to it in class. Tsk tsk Ted! These days I get my World Radio fix with the free Radio Garden app. It has the easiest interface that I've ever used so far.

Hardline on the hardware:

Apple’s New Screen Repair Trap Could Change the Repair Industry Forever

World’s first USB-C iPhone sells on eBay for $86,001

Microsoft’s new $249 Surface Laptop SE is its first true Chromebook competitor 

Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 Unboxing & First Impressions 

Samsung takes aim at Apple with free cleaning cloth offer 

Comment: AirPods 3 bring much-needed features to people who don't like in-ear headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are infectious in all the wrong ways

Valve delays Steam Deck console release by two months 

Oppo Pad Leaks 

A USB-C Hub with a Display? Why it Might Be the Perfect Thing

This graphene battery pack charges incredibly fast 

blipOne: reliable smart battery for any apartment or home 

More Photos and Specs of the Motorola Moto Watch 100 

Flap your trap about an App:

Google’s Floating Search

If you thought Roku's issues with YouTube and Amazon were bad, this next one sounds much messier

Samsung Ditch DeX for Windows 7 and MacOS 

Stadia 3.41 hints at Dolby surround sound coming to Chromecast 

Premium users are no longer guaranteed 60fps, and yes, it's entirely dependent on what game you are playing. Expect hard caps of 50fps, and even 45fps, for big titles.

Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition 

Hark Back

Canon Ixus V2 - Specs

Bargain Basement: Best UK deals and tech on sale we have spotted

HTC HD HD2 Phone T8585 Microsoft Windows Mobile - Black (Unlocked) - £7.50

Two Echo Dots for the Price of One - ECHODOT2FOR1 

Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch Lite - Was: £59.00 Now: £32.49

Xiaomi Mi Watch - Was: £119.00 Now: £73.99

Nokia XR20 64GB/4GB £329 (£70 off)

Nokia X20 128GB/6GB £229 (£70 off)

WD_BLACK SN750 SE 1TB NVMe SSD Battlefield 2042 - Was: £194.99 Now: £119.99

Sony WH-1000XM3 - £159

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