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The Tech Addicts Podcast

Apr 10, 2022

With Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon
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Logitech Pop Keys!

Trump’s Truth Disaster

Chad Dixon

Another entertaining and informative show gentleman. Some feedback for Gareth regarding my mobile gaming experiences. I had a ZX Spectrum back in the early 80's and loved playing those cassette-loaded games. However I never was a fan of pc or console gaming and hence never used independent joysticks. My first foray into gaming on-the-go was when I got a PSP. I think SSX on Tour Snowboarding was my favourite as it had a brilliant soundtrack. Since then I've done all my gaming exclusively on smartphones because I always have one with me and the recent models’ processors can handle the intense graphics. I have been known to be playing Call of Duty Mobile for three hours straight on my Samsung Galaxy S20FE and not suffer any RSI.

Matthew Jones on the Yamaha Organ

Very enjoyable show. The Yamaha organ part was a nice trip down memory lane too and it's amazing how far that particular tech has come. Despite not being able to play properly, I had Keyboards, Drum machines, an Atari 1040ste and lots of midi cables in my failed attempts of Bedroom music production! I'd guess about £1,500 of kit, and this was considered not even entry level, probably more like "toy" level. Fast forward to 2022, and a £50 (used) iPhone 6S and Garageband can do a way better job than all my old kit did! Look on YouTube at a channel called iSongs. It blew my mind and shows quite how powerful this tech has become. (I recommend Sweet Home Alabama 😉)

Shaun Day on

65" 1080p multitouch, Samsung DeX powered sit/stand gaming table.

I want one sooo much!

Phil Hendy on FPS and Pixel 6/6 Pro

April Google Security update arrived. Looking for any improvement to FPS. Logged in successfully 100% of 20 attempts, that's with me using 4 imprints and my wife just 1 on her unit. You need to be patient and to not move your finger. Also when you lift-screen-to-wake if AOD is not enabled, you need to allow time for the target area to appear. When my 6 Pro arrived last October I simply could not get my right thumb print to read better than 50% of the time. It’ll never be as lightning quick as capacitive - but no in-screen FPS is. Fingers do need to be clean and dry.

Hardline on the hardware:

Valve aims to ramp up Steam Deck shipments

What do you get inside the Valve Steam Deck retail box?

Oppo Reno 8 is the OnePlus 10 (non-Pro)? - OnePlus 10 Pro Specs

OnePlus shows off first official Nord N20 photo along with some specs

Upon my death, delete: how to plan your digital legacy

China expected to have 6B abandoned handsets by 2025

World’s first 200TB SSD is nearly here, but you can’t use it

A500 mini in the house

Flap your trap about an App:

Google Maps brings traffic-light and stop-sign icons to navigation

Samsung Dex on its way out

Plex discover update fixes streaming's biggest problem

Windows 11 is getting a full-screen Widgets page with support for work and personal accounts

Google is going to hide outdated apps from new users on the Play Store this year

New Google Play Store rules complicate the question of what's appropriate app content where you live

Google crackdown kicks a bunch of data-stealing malware off the Play Store

Mac’s Peek for PowerToys

Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.57.0 - Adrian Brian uses the bulk file renamer

Opera's paid Android VPN secures your entire device

Rant: Google News Desktop

ChromeOS News

How to see if your Chromebook got the new Android ARCVM container in ChromeOS 100

Google Chrome side panel getting private user notes and Read Anywhere to replace Reader Mode

Hark Back

The grand adventure, Point and Click

Android games - Whisper of a Machine - Kathy Rain - Thimbleweed Park

Bargain Basement: Best UK deals and tech on sale we have spotted

Crucial SSD Sale on Amazon - 2TB £151 from £247 Save 39%

Google Pixel 6 – 128 GB – Stormy Black - Was: £599.00 Now: £549.00

Google Store UK - reductions all-round incl. £50 off Pixel 6

PreSonus Eris E5 XT, 5.25", 2-way, Active Studio Monitor with EBM Waveguide - £105.00

Kindle! Save £30, now £39.99 + £10 for No Ads.

New Apple AirTag, Bluetooth Item Finder and Key Finder (4 pack) - Now - £79.69 Was: £99.00

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