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The Tech Addicts Podcast

Oct 29, 2023

With Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon
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Feedback, Fallout and Contributions

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The (re)learning curve has been executed brilliantly well to get back up to scratch with functions. It's very pretty but very childish. The enforced 5 minutes at the start is annoying having to wait and read and watch all the clap-trap before you get to actually play at all. The constant text pop-ups are annoying too. Hopefully they go away in time and as you get further in. The gameplay though is super. I got through the first castle now. The controller is a bit annoying using the Switch Lite as the right raised joystick thingie is in the way of my thumb hitting multiple buttons on A, B, X, Y like I used to on the SNES controller. Overall though it's fabulous, fun and 2D nostalgic. A masterstroke by Nintendo. I think this will sell huge for xmas, especially for Japanese kids.


Jeremy Harpham on Google Chromebook Update Extension

This was mentioned on a recent Tech Addicts podcast, that Google was extending support of various Chromebooks with up to 10 years of Chrome OS updates. I've now seen this appear on my Chromebooks under SETTINGS > About Chrome OS > Update Schedule. My Lenovo Duet is now June 2030 and Lenovo Duet 5, the same. My Duet 3 is also showing June 2030


Final VR2000 in da house!


Crash Live 2023
50 or so tickets left - you can only have a chance to win this white Next if you are at the event and buy some raffle tickets!! Buy your event ticket now:


News and Views(?) - I thought that a lot of what goes into HOTH isn’t often about hardware?

US looking to impose new round of sanctions on chip exports to China

How Europe's disused coal mines are successfully being used to heat Gateshead homes

Brave browser installs a VPN service on Windows without users' consent

NBTV, with Naomi Brockwell

EE UK Details 139 Mobile 4G Mast Site Upgrades for Northern Ireland

Hardline on the hardware

This vintage digital camera doesn’t even have a screen and it’s exactly what you need

Solar-powered off-road car finishes 620-mile test drive across north Africa

Microsoft's Project Silica that uses glass as storage is now promoted as a cloud storage solution

The Elgato Prompter Is Here To Change The Streaming And Content Creation Game

AYANEO FLIP: New clamshell gaming handheld launching by December with revised design

Soundcore’s new Bluetooth speaker promises portable and affordable spatial audio

Qualcomm's new audio chip uses Wi-Fi to massively extend headphone range

Phone Zone

Apple’s new method for updating iPhones sounds decidedly Apple-like

Realme GT5 Pro specs revealed – 6.78” AMOLED, SD 8 Gen 3 and up to 1TB storage

Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro are here with HyperOS and revamped Leica cameras

Flap your trap about an App

Adult film star Riley Reid launches Clona.AI, a sexting chatbot platform

Elgato launches Marketplace, its new paid app store for the Stream Deck

YouTube working on an AI music tool that'll let you use the voices of famous musicians

Amazon's new AI tool conjures fake backgrounds for real products

Microsoft now thirstily injects a poll when you download Google Chrome

Google Gallows & Chrome Coroner

Gmail on the web adds icons to make navigating menus easier

Google's new image verification tool combs metadata to find context and sniff out AI fakes

This new Chrome feature may protect your privacy in a big way

Your Pixel phone can now screen calls to ask if they're urgent

Google Keep rolls out text formatting on Android - for new notes

Hark Back (Ideas down below if needed/wanted)

This retro-tastic Bluetooth cassette player is a modern twist on a 1979 Sony Walkman

Bargain Basement: Best UK deals and tech on sale we have spotted

Smart Radiator Thermostat - £49.00 Was: £74.99 - Wifi Add-On Smart Radiator Valve For Digital Multi-Room Control, Easy Installation, Save Heating Costs - Works With Alexa, Siri, And Google Assistant

Anker Prime Powerbank - 20,000mAh, 200W output £89.99 from £139 - this is the new one, cheapest price yet I think (outside of Prime Day)

Ockered Power Bank - £10.04 Was: £14.99 - Portable Charger 10000mAh, High Capacity Power Banks with 2 Input and 2 Output Ports External Battery, With 4 LED Lights

Chris Clayton spots another Nintendo deal at Curry’s… Buy Nintendo Switch Super Mario RPG

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard - 31% off, £65 from £94

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G - £260.00 Was: £439 - SIM Free Android Smartphone 8GB RAM 128GB Storage Dark Blue [Amazon Exclusive]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live £59 from £139

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