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The Tech Addicts Podcast

Sep 4, 2022

With Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon
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Feedback and Contributions

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 on Phones Show Chat

Ian Barton on Cocopar 15.6" Display

This isn't cheap at £189.99, but if you want a standalone display with decent specs it fits the bill. It is compatible with most devices. I have tested it on my Poco phone, a FireTV stick and my Chromebook. The display is 1080p, 15.6 inches and a 16:9 aspect ratio. If your device can output enough power you can power it via usb-C. However, a mains adapter is also provided. There are two USB-C ports and a mini-HDMI port. Also included are a USB-C, USB-C to USB-A adaptor and a USB-C to mini-HDMI cable. For the dinosaurs, there is a 3.5mm jack Also, there is a decent cover that doubles as a stand. Side by side with my Chromebook the display is comparable. You can use the settings menu to adjust most screen settings. Brightness is good for indoor usage, although not quite as good as the Chromebook. I can see it is going to be very useful to take on holiday where I can pair it to my phone or FireTV stick and avoid the annoyance of trying to get your devices to display on the TV in your room.

A.J. Santos on Is Blu-ray at death's door? Innovative 1TB optical disc could be the future of physical media

Hardline on the hardware

Nokia’s IFA 2022 Announcements - C31 vs G60 vs X30 

Nokia X30 5G and G60 5G unveiled with SD695, a promise of 3 OS updates

Nokia T21 refreshes the 10-inch Android tablet - Nokia T21 vs T20

Android 12L is making its way onto Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 devices

Samsung patent shows off transparent display technology

Leaked Google Pixel Watch price suggests good news 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is now official

Chuwi HiPad Max: New Android tablet launches with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset, dual-SIM connectivity, Widevine L1 and a large battery

The Lenovo Glasses T1 lets you watch videos on the go in private

JBL debuts Tour Pro 2 with "world's first" smart charging case with touch display

USB4 version 2.0 will deliver up to 80Gbps bandwidth for faster data transfers - Deep Dive

Google and Qualcomm tease satellite connectivity for Android phones

Sony Xperia 5 IV review - Specs

Variable aperture smartphone cameras will make a comeback next week

Pro-Ject launches new Debut Pro S turntable and a box that "de-crackles" your vinyl

The Name of the Game

Leaked images finally show us Logitech's new handheld gaming console

Images of Logitech and Tencent's cloud gaming handheld show it running Android

GPD Win 4 handheld gaming PC will feature Ryzen 7 6800U and a 6 inch display that slides up

Flap your trap about an App

Truth Social may be unwilling to say "no" to violent speech, but Google Play isn't

Twitter brings back Google+ Circles for everyone; Android app can now select text 

Chrome Corner

Lenovo brings back the Chromebox with modern hardware

Early look at Chromebook 'Glanceable' widgets clarifies their purpose a bit 

Hark Back

Lazer Tag

Bargain Basement: Best UK deals and tech on sale we have spotted

PDKUAI Dual Wireless Charger Pad/Station 20W x 2 (not shared) £17 from £26

GETIHU Power Bank, Portable Charger 3A High-Speed 10000mAh - £16.99

SanDisk, Samsung, WD Storage all at knock-down prices at AmazonUK

ASUS Touchscreen Chromebook Flip C433TA 14-inch Full HD Laptop - £299

Sony Xperia 5 III with free Dualshock 4 Controller + Mount £649 from £899

Trust Arys PC Soundbar, 12w Speaker for Computer and Laptop - £17.49 

AKG K712 Pro £175, from £228. 23% off - been around for years! £35 x 5 (Woohoo!)

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