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The Tech Addicts Podcast

Jul 9, 2023

With Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon
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Feedback, Fallout and Contributions

Phillip Deackes

Hi Gareth. I started my NAS journey some years ago. I use it extensively and most of my services run in Docker. I suggest you look at Nextcloud rather than using the built-in Synology services. Nextcloud is open source and free to use. It provides a cloud file service like Google Drive but also hosts your contacts and calendars which can then be synced through CalDAV and CardDAV to ask your other devices like phone, tablet, computers etc.. If you set up OnlyOffice you can edit and create MS compatible documents through a web browser, again on any device. There are many apps you can install from with Nextcloud too..

Marius has lots of tutorials for installing all manner of things on a Synology NAS.

If you need any more help or advice please get in touch!

Ian Barton on BackupPC: Open Source Backup to disk

This is very useful for backing up your data to other computers/servers locally.

It can also backup to servers that are accessible remotely.

I backup my important data from my main computer to a couple of local servers.

You can configure it to keep incremental backups, so you can roll back to an earlier version of documents/spreadsheets/etc.

It's compatible with most operating systems.

Since the system is so flexible it does take some time to configure and requires tinkering with the Apache web server setup.

Since my complaint of referencing “the phone show”, I feel that every show there is a mention of or comment when phones are discussed.

Just to make me feel more apologetic could you make reference to “Mr Wilmot”, (the old top gear), that way I will know when you’re ridiculing me even further!

Keep up the good work, love all the shows / podcasts but this is my favourite one by far!

Regards Paul

Hardline on the hardware

The Price of a Pixel Fold on Contract - The BEST deals!

Threads review: Twitter without the rough edges or news - I guess we should mention all the hoo-har? 

NASA is recycling 98 percent of astronaut pee and sweat on the ISS into drinkable water

New 0/1 Phone with E Ink display - Samsung Ad 


North America’s first hydrogen-powered train debuts in Canada

Exclusive: World’s fastest CPU goes on sale everywhere in Europe - £10,000

Razer's first in-ear monitor is built for gamers and streamers

Tech fans choose gadgets over Netflix and socialising

11.5-Inch Honor Pad X8 Pro Tablet Presented Today  - 1099 Yuan (£118.54)

Google's now the number 2 smartphone brand in Japan - story also covered my Marton on The Friday Checkout with a deeper dive

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event in South Korea confirmed to take place on July 26 - Fold5, Flip5, Tab S9?

Sony's new 'soundbar' is tiny but features detachable surround speakers - Juan Carlos Bagnell’s YouTube Review

OnePlus Nord 3 Announced - £499 for the 256GB/16GB version (until end of July)

OnePlus Fold now called the ‘Open’ but still no event/launch date

Red Magic 8S Pro - the first phone with 24GB of RAM is here (well, China!)

Tech giant 'gatekeepers' must comply with all of the EU's new digital market rules

The Name of the Game

Sonic The Hedgehog co-creator given suspended sentence for insider trading

…talking of which…

Pushing Buttons: Why Sonic and Mario duelling it out in 2D again will be a spectacle

Google isn’t done with online gaming, starts internally testing YouTube Playables

Flap your trap about an App

Microsoft wants to move Windows fully to the cloud

Don't have a Twitter account? Then Twitter is now off-limits for you - this was 30th June. Still a thing?

Plex Job Losses - The End of Lifetime Passes?

Google Gallows & Chrome Coroner

All Chrome users will see popups in the coming weeks

YouTube confirms three-strikes test for ad blocking, here's how it works

Keep Screen On - Quick reminder for Chromebook users who are bugged by the screen timing out at the timing whim of the system (and then having keep logging back in - even if via linked phone) that you can throw these switches to have it time out, stay on or sleep. Settings>Device>Power>When Idle

Customise Google Chrome - look for button at the bottom-right of any New Tab Page, then side-panel

Hark Back

ZX Spectrum

A J Santos on ZX Spectrum - I tried to explain the ZX Spectrum to my son. It didn’t go well

Scott Brady - In 1982, I'd say the Commodore line (VIC, C64) was popular in the US. Data storage on cassette tapes! 😄

Adrian Brain - If you think the Apple/Android rivalry is bad now, the Spectrum/Commodore divide was brutal in the 1980s UK.

Chad Dixon - I had one. After the Sinclair ZX81, this seemed like such a jump in hardware.

Jeremy Harpham - I think the spectrum was called the Timex 1000 in the US. Limited quantities reduced sales volumes so couldn't compete with the commodores

Troy Dyall - I had the 128k with built in tape deck. What a time to be alive! Used to go to Woolworths on Saturday and buy a game for £1.99 with some of my pocket money

Irfan Ali - I used to also religiously collect C & VG as well as Crash magazine. I have the 48k version in the loft with a load of original games on cassettes, also have the printer and Kempston joystick interface

Kris Jary - The ZX Spectrum also stored data on cassette. Fond memories of putting the cassette tape of my game of choice into the separate cassette player, pressing play, then waiting for what seemed like several minutes for the game to load. All while listening to the delightful screeching sound of it reading the data! Or borrowing one of the many game programming books from the library, and spending hours proudly typing all the code to create the actual game. Which usually just consisted of moving an individual character around the screen to avoid crashing into other characters or something equally basic

Mike Robins links to a YouTube Review from Nostalgia Nerd - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Story & Review

Bargain Basement: Best UK deals and tech on sale we have spotted

Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen) 11 Inch 2K Tablet (Octacore 2.2GHz, 6GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Android 12L

Now £189.00 Was: £224.89 - Argos matching price

Mid Year Sale-Jackery UK

Reolink Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, Argus PT - Was £159.99 Now: £109.99

Logitech - Logi Dock, All-in-One USB C Laptop Docking Station, Speakerphone, Noise Cancelling Microphones, Bluetooth, HDMI, for Windows/macOS, Certified for Zoom, Google Meet, Google Voice - £371 (I’m going for this because it’s only just come out and RRP is £550, so a bargain here!

Dell HD22Q Dual Charge Docking Station £106 from £149

Google Pixel 7a and Pixel 30W Charger Bundle - Now £399.00 Was: £449.00

This one spotted by Ian Barton - Crucial P5 Plus 2TB M.2 PCIe Gen4 NVMe Internal Gaming SSD - 58% off, £99 (or the 500TB for £43 😂) …and another from Ian… Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD - 42% off, £49

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