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The Tech Addicts Podcast

May 1, 2022

With Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon
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Feedback and Contributions:

Matt Jones

I enjoyed the bit about Pocket PC's on the last show! I jumped onboard with the original XDA, and Jumped off right at the end with the HTC HD2! I had pretty much every incarnation in between, including the iMate Jam Ted mentioned. My personal favourite was the HTC Advantage that had a 4GB HDD (Yes, spinning HDD)! Along with the Battery life not being great, I recall the XDA also had volatile memory! So, if your battery hit zero, you would lose all your data, messages etc. until you synced with your PC! Any messages that you had  received after the last sync would be lost forever! Kids don't know they are born today 😂 Tech was so much more fun then though.

We do feel for people having to endure ludicrous heat in India during this current peak, including one of our PSC Group members Babul Mohanty who asks…

…how hot should we allow our batteries to be? My battery frequently crosses 40°C while fast (15W) or wireless charging (5W) in the daytime. I believe Samsung's recommendation of 10-40°C is about ambient temperature. And even if outside it is 40°C+, inside the house it will be much less. Also the phone regulates its battery temperature by slowing down charging as it gets hotter. Still I would like to know at what battery temperature it starts to affect it adversely. A few days ago I was fast wireless charging (10W) at noon and the battery temperature reached 45°C and it stopped charging. I have stopped wireless charging completely. I use the 25W charger only in emergencies, and only inside an Air-conditioned room. I use the 15W charger mostly.

Ian Chapple

Hard to know what the manufacturers can do, apart from throttling charging to keep temperatures down, whether wireless or wired. It's not easy to improve/increase the cooling within the phone itself.

Kurt Kaufman

You're probably doing the right thing by using slow charging wherever possible, as that will produce the least amount of heat.

AJ Santos

I had that problem with my Pixel 3 XL in India when I was there a few years ago.

Quick fix I found was to charge with the cable and have the phone on surfaces like kitchen floor tiles, kitchen top, marble, that type of surface. That helped to dissipate heat from the back of the mobile or the screen and bring the phone temperature down and worked quite quickly.


Richard Yates

Not sure where you’ve been looking, but search on “Insteon” on Twitter or Reddit going back two weeks, and you’ll find plenty of outrage. This affects thousands and thousands of customers.

Hardline on the hardware:

Elon Musk strikes deal to buy Twitter for $44bn - Elon, Twitter is not the town square – it’s just a private shop. The square belongs to us all

At least two across-the-room wireless charging products coming this year

Poco's new gaming phone sounds like it could also be handy for everyday use

Dell introduces its new premium 13-inch business laptop, the Latitude 9330

Full-colour night vision pocket camera turns night into day

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3: Premium earbuds launch with up to 28 hours of battery life and Hybrid Adaptive ANC for US$249.95

Snap introduces a cute little drone called Pixy - 2nd article

Huawei Mate XS 2 launched: Why have two screens when one will do?

10.1-Inch Huawei MatePad SE Coming the First Week Of May

nubia Red Magic 7 Pro goes on sale in international markets

ZTE Axon 40 arriving on May 9 with new under-display camera

Sony to announce new Xperia phones on 11th May

Flap your trap about an App:

No cookies for you google to have a reject all button for web 

YouTube fully rolls out Super Thanks, here's how to enable it for your channel

YouTube Shorts starts running ads as daily views pass 30 billion on the TikTok competitor

You can now ask Google to remove your phone number from search

Netflix's Android game library could soon be hard to ignore

Jaleco 1 and Gaelco 2 Arcade Collections head to Evercade for a golden summer

ChromeOS News

How to Turn on Dark Mode in Google Docs

ChromeOS Sessions at Google I/O on 11th May

  • What’s new in ChromeOS (Keynote)
  • Developing for 50 million Chromebooks in the classroom (Technical Session)
  • Expand your game with ChromeOS (Technical Session)
  • Introduction to counter-abuse technology at Google (Technical Session)
  • TensorFlow.js: From prototype to production, what’s new in 2022? (Technical Session)

It seems like Google is puring tons of resources into Chrome OS lately, building it out as a platform that supports almost all use cases you could imagine on desktops and tablets. The company only recently revealed that it’s adding Steam support, and there are a lot of other upcoming features that were already teased during CES 2022, like deeper integration with Android phones such as the capability to interact with your mobile device’s screen right on your Chromebook.

Hark Back

Sony Discman

Panasonic SL-CT582V 

Panasonic SL-MP30 

Bargain Basement: Best UK deals and tech on sale we have spotted

Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB SSD Digital Console £227.50 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G Android Tablet £649 (5G) and £564 (WiFi)

TP-Link Nano USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter - Now £6.99 Was: £12.99 

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Chromebook - £299 from £379

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Ultra-Thin 12.4” Touchscreen Laptop -  Was: £699.00 Now: £549.00

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Super-Thin 13.5 Inch Touchscreen Laptop Was: £1,269.00 Now: £879.00

OPPO Find X3 Pro (Amazon Europe Import) £793 from £1,049

Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging case (2021) - Was: £239.00 Now: £170.10

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